Micro-Metrics OG202 / OG212 Tooke Gauge II
Micro-Metrics OG202 / OG212 Tooke Gauge II

OG212 Tooke Gauge II
The original Micro-Metrics OG202 / OG212 Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge II / Gauge is made of machined aluminum.
In accordance with ASTM D4138
The OG212 Tooke Gage II is a precision measurement tool for inspection and thickness measurement (in accordance with ASTM D4138) of single or multiple coats on any substrate, and for microscopic observation and measurement of substrate and film defects. The OG212 Tooke Paint Inspection Gage II uses an illuminated 50-power microscope with measuring reticle, and mounts tungsten carbide cutting tips for precise incision of the work surface. Direct measurement of total coating thickness and thickness of individual coats of paint is a unique capability of the Tooke Paint Inspection Gage/Gauge. Thus, in addition to routine use, the OG212 Tooke Gage/Gauge II often serves as a referee instrument to calibrate indirect or non-destructive thickness measuring instruments. Applicatios: The Tooke Gage has been used to assess sandblast cleaning work, to measure plating and paint thickness on ceramics, metal, wood, and concrete, and even to measure protective backing thickness on mirrors. It is virtually the only tool for measuring paint on plastics. The quality of the incision in the film discloses much about the characteristics of the brittleness and adhesion of the material. Other uses include assessment of substrate conditions and coating adhesion, and observation of microscopic cracking, tendency for brittleness, cratering, or other microscopic film symptoms.

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