ElektroPhysik MikroTest NiFe50 6 Automatic Coating Thickness Gauge MIK/010810, 0 - 50 microns

Price: $ 1,695.00

ElektroPhysik MikroTest Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge
11 different analog models available for every application
Suitable for measurement on curved surfaces
ElektroPhysik MikroTest Magnetic Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

The ElektroPhysik MikroTest Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge has been the most widely used coating thickness gauge in the world over the last 40 years. The MikroTest complies with the highest technical standards of all analogue magnetic coating thickness gauges. This magnetic coating thickness gauge works on the magnetic attraction principle to measure all non-magnetic coatings on steel and galvanic nickel on steel.

The MikroTest is supplied in 11 different models to be suitable for every requested application. The balanced measuring system ensures accurate readings at any angle: horizontal, vertical and overhead. Also, the gauge allows measurements on curved surfaces. It is also able to provide you with precise measurements in tubes and on round parts due to the automatic operation.

The measurement of the coating thickness is based on magnetic attraction. The attractive force is related to the distance between a permanent magnet and a steel substrate. This distance represents the thickness of the coating under measure.The magnet is lifted from the surface by means of a spring connected to the magnet arm. The force needed to lift the magnet is directly related to the angle of rotation of the torsion spring. This measuring principle is also especially suited for electroplated nickel on copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. This measurement principle ensures fully automatic measurement where no power supply or calibration is required.


  • Highest accuracy with simplest operation
  • No calibration required
  • Simple set-up and measurement
  • All gauges operate without power or battery
  • One point measurement
  • Robust case to protect from mechanical shocks
  • Precision measuring system resistant to solvents

Complete Kit

The MikroTest is supplied with the following items:

  • MikroTest gauge
  • Hand strap
  • Plastic carrying case
  • Operating instructions


Range6 S3:0.2 mm - 3 mm
6 S5:0.5 mm - 5 mm
6 S10:2.5 mm - 10 mm
6 NiFe50:0 m - 50 m
Application6 S3; 6 S5; 6 S10: enamel, plastic, rubber on steel
6 NiFe50: electroplated nickel on steel
Tolerance6 S3:5% of - reading
6 S5:5% of - reading
6 S10:5% of - reading
6 NiFe50:2 m
6 NiFe50:+ 8% of - reading
Minimum Surface6 S3: 30 mm
6 S5: 50 mm
6 S10: 50 mm
6 NiFe50: 20 mm
Minimum Curvature Radius6 S3:15 mm - convex
6 S3:25 mm - concave
6 S5:15 mm - convex
6 S5:25 mm - concave
6 S10:15 mm - convex
6 S10:25 mm - concave
6 NiFe50:10 mm - convex
6 NiFe50:25 mm - concave
Minimum Base Thickness6 S3:1.0 mm
6 S5:1.0 mm
6 S10:2.0 mm
6 NiFe50:.5 mm
Ambient Temperature-20 C - 100 C
Conforming StandardsDIN EN ISO 2178, DIN 50 982, ASTM B 499, E 376, D 1186, G 12, B 530, BS 5411, ISO 2361
DimensionsGauge: 215 mm x 55 mm x 29 mm Plastic carrying case: 235 mm x 185 mm x 46 mm
WeightCase incl. gauge approx. 560 g

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ElektroPhysik MikroTest NiFe50 6 Automatic Coating Thickness Gauge MIK/010810, 0 - 50 microns $1,695.00
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NISTCAL NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate (Per Probe Ordered) $100.00
MK-HT High Temperature Kit for Mikrotest, includes Aluminum Feet and Sensor Grommet - MIK/070870 $125.00
82-020-0020 Spare / Replacement Carrying Case for MikroTest $45.00



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