Checkline 3000PRO Coating Thickness Gauges WITHOUT PROBE

Price: $ 1,295.00

Checkline 3000PRO Coating Thickness Gauge
Precision Coating Thickness Gauge with Interchangeable Probes


  • Automatic identification of the substrate
  • Calibration-free measurements (calibration only in exceptional cases)
  • Mobile and stationary operation with only one gauge
  • Highly wear-resistant measuring poles made of carbide metal
  • The 3000PRO Coating Thickness Gauge features special probes for unusual measurement tasks
  • Precise measurements on different geometries thanks to simple calibration methods
  • Safe use even for special applications such as sand-blasted surfaces, small parts and curved surfaces
  • Scan mode for the quick recognition of coating thickness variations on large surfaces, including display of minimum and maximum readings
  • Display backlight for bad ambient lighting conditions
  • Online statistics with all statistical parameters
  • Easy to operate, well-known from mobile phones
  • Intuitive menu guidance via dialog with the user
  • Free choice of language German, English, French
  • Extensive data memory for the management of different measurement series
  • Alphanumerical file names can be individually stored for every measurement task
  • Infrared interface for wireless data transfer to printer and PC
  • No additional data transfer software required thanks to the use of Windows standard application (HyperTerminal)
  • Optional high temperature footer for measuring on surfaces up to 150 C/302 F
  • The 3000PRO Coating Thickness Gaugeincludes NIST Calibration Certificate
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Measuring principleMagnetic induction method (F-version); Eddy current method (N-version)
Measuring range3000PRO & 3000PRO-FN90:
0 - 60.00 mils / 0 - 1500 m
0 - 400 mils / 0 - 10,000 m
Tolerance (0.7 m/0.04 mils + 1% of reading)
ResolutionRefer to RESOLUTION TABLE, above
Display4-digit display (digit height 10 mm/0.4) and 32 alphanumerical characters; switchable backlight
Minimum measurement area5 mm x 5mm/0.2 x 0.2
Minimum curvature radiusconvex 2mm/0.08; concave 5mm/0.2
Minimum substrate thickness0.2mm/8 mils (for F-versions); 50 m/2 mils (for N-versions)
Calibration methods- Factory calibration: no calibration required for standard applications
- Zeroing (1-point calibration): measurements on small geometries
- Zeroing and foil calibration (2-point calibration): increased measuring accuracy
- Two-foil calibration: especially for rough, sand-blasted surfaces
- CTC: calibration on coated object if zeroing is not possible
- Zero offset: addition/subtraction of a constant value to/from the reading
Limit valuesSelectable; optical and acoustic signal if limit value is exceeded
Scan modeFor continuous measurements; for the quick recognition of coating thickness variations;
with permanent display of minimum and maximum reading
StatisticsSingle-value statistics: n, avarage x, s, kvar, min, max, cp, cpk from max. 10,000 readings
Block-value statistics: n, avarage x , avarage s, avarage kvar , min, max, cp, cpk; block size 3 to 100 readings
Data memory10,000 readings in max. 500 selectable files; alphanumerical file names; stored readings and statistical values individually recallable
InterfacesInfrared and serial RS232 interface
LanguageOperator prompting and documentation in German, English, French (optional other languages)
Operating temperature0 C to 50 C/32 F to 122 F (storage temperature - 20 C to +60 C/-4 F to 140 F)
Surface temperature5 F - 140 F / -15 C - 60 C (standard)
5 - 302 F / 15 - 150 C (w/optional footer)
Power supply2 x round cell (AA) 1.5 V up to 60 hours of operating time
Housing/keypadProtection class IP52 (protection against dust and dripping water)
DimensionsGauge: 140 mm x 62 mm x 30mm/5.6 x 2.5 x 1.2 (HxWxD)
Probe: dia. 14 mm x 83mm/dia. 0.56 x 3.3
Weightapprox. 200 g/7 oz (gauge including batteries and probe)
Warranty1 Year
Calibration CertificateIncluded

Probe Specifications

FNF+N0-1600 m
(1-3% + 0.04 mils)0.1m
FN90F+N0-1600 m
(1-3% + 0.04 mils)0.1m
FF0-1600 m
(1-3% + 0.04 mils)0.1m
F10F0-10 mm
(1-3% + 0.03 mils)
N02N0-200 m
(1-3% + 0.02 mils)0.1m
NN0-1600 m
(1-3% + 0.04 mils)0.1m


Min. concave
Min. convex
Min. Area for
Min. Substrate
FN0.06" 0.40" 0.20" F=0.02"
FN90flat 0.23" 0.20" F=0.02"
F0.06" 0.40" 0.20" 0.02"
F100.03" 0.63" 0.80" 0.04"
N020.04" 0.20" 0.08" 0.002"
N0.06" 0.40" 0.20" 0.002"

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Product Price
Checkline 3000PRO Coating Thickness Gauges WITHOUT PROBE $1,295.00
Accessories Price
3000-IRP Infra-Red Printer for 3000FX $695.00
3000-HTF High Temp Footer (150 deg C/302 deg F) for 3000FX $75.00
3000-IR-USB Infrared Adapter for Data Transfer to PC via USB $175.00
3000-PTS Precision Test Stand for 3000FX $495.00
3000-RS232 DB9 Serial Cable to connect 3000PRO to PC $95.00
USB-RS232-ADAP - USB to Serial Adapter $25.00
3000-HTF-300C Extra Hi-Temp Footer (572 degrees F/300 degrees C) $399.00
PROBE-F Ferrous Probe (60 mils/1500 microns) $345.00
PROBE-N Non-Ferrous Probe (60 mils/1500 microns) $345.00
PROBE-FN Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Only Probe (60 mils/1500 microns) $695.00
PROBE-FN02 Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Probe (8 mils/200 microns) $995.00
PROBE-F35 Ferrous Only Probe (180 mils/3500 microns) $895.00
PROBE-FN35 Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Probe(180 mils/3500 microns) $1,095.00



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